NavGati is an outcome of a decade of Research and Development

While many claim auto pilots and autonomy, which is mostly a mere reverse engineering of Market available Autopilots hardware with slight modifications in the Open Source Firm ware, NavGati is a completely developed in house proprietary product with deep learning algorithms and dual core processor to make intelligent decisions.

Key Features

Only Fully Made In India Autopilot for any type of unmanned vehicle.

Unlimited Expansion capabilities with ZAIP an Open SDK that allows integration of any Open Source SOM/SOC like Raspberry Pi , Beagle Bone, Arduino

Fully Autonomous from Take Off to Landing including multiple Modes & Safety features.

Optimized Low Latency Firmware Ensures flawless operations anytime , every time ZUPPA NavGat Autopilot.

High Speed Telemetry Data Logger and Path Playback feature for POST FLIGHT ANALYSIS.

Robust Binary encrypted protocol.

Features list

  • Ultimate Control & Precision

  • Waypoints and Mission Planning

  • Auto Power / Thrust

  • Altitude Hold

  • Auto Take off and Landing

    Return to Home (RTH Mode)

    Drone Returns to home point upon Low Battery and Loss of Signal 

    Position Hold (Mode)

    Hold current Position on vertical and horizontal axis

    Baro Hold (Mode)

    Hold the altitude on the vertical axis. Horizontal axis can be user maneuvered  

    Navigation (Mode)

    Drone will be on a fully autonomous mode and be able to complete your mission and return back to home